Live Performances - 

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Mama Love & the Motivators at the 2016 Barnful of Blues - Blues Festival

House of the Rising Sun live at the Soul Repair Jam 2016

Tainted Love live at the Soul Repair Jam 2016

Folsum Prison live at the Soul Repair Jam 2016

Wooly Bully live at the Soul Repair Jam 2016

Hoochie Coochie live at Sharefest 2015

Voodoo Woman live at Manchester Harley Davidson - Summer 2015

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Mama Love & the Motivators at the Next Page Cafe, Weymouth MA -  2014

Kendal Bush (vocals), Craig Farrington (guitar & vocals), Mickey Maguire (bass), Ephraim Lowell (drums)

Video Courtesy of the epically awesome Ron Rudy