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Paul Nadeau, (Swanzey) - I'm a freelance keyboardist. Sat in with The Coasters in the early sixties. Was with a band that opened for Bill Haley and the Comets, and  Little Anthony and the Imperials back in the day. After taking classical lessons for seven years, starting at the age of seven, I moved on to rock and roll at age fifteen. I have played all genres of music over the years, but my heart and soul belong to the blues.

Matthew Marzola - (Keene State)
I'm an independent percussionist and drum set artist. I began studying classical and marching percussion at the age of 10 and began studying jazz and modern music on the drum kit at the age of 14. I am an accepted student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I've played with heavyweight jazz saxophonist Scott Mullet, and bass player Don Baldini. Despite my versatility, my passion for music resides with the blues.

Howard Randall - (Peterborough) got bitten by the Blues bug when he heard his first B.B. King record in 1967 and started collecting records soon after.  He started playing guitar and singing late (at age 22), and guided by Mai Cramer and her Blues After Hours radio show, went to see every blues show he could. Howard started running Blues Jam sessions in 1989, sometimes as many as four in one week. After early bands Brass Tacks and Bottom Dollar Blues, Randall played with Little Jimmy and the Homewreckers, Parker Wheeler's Blues Party, the Renee-Randall Band,  Otis and the Elevators, Howard Randall and Friends, the Strange Brew All-Stars, the Les Moore Trio, One Big Soul, and has sat in, jammed, filled in, opened for, or played with all kind of famous people who would be embarrassed if he mentioned them, if they remembered him at all.  He loves what he does and loves being a Motivator.

Mickey Maguire - (Francestown)
One of my first childhood Memories where listening to a tape recorder singing along with Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles ...My father's love for music and influence in Soul Music and Doo Wop was my start ..Entering 5th grade and meeting one of my life long best friends Ephraim Lowell already an accomplished musician introduced me into my Love of playing music ..My first guitar lesson was House of The Rising Sun from a retired professional music Ernie Sinclair I was 12 and played all day until my fingers bleed... I was taught rythmn guitar and played on and off through high school ... after at age 23 I was asked to go to the Local Blues Club The Rynborn ...I didn't want to go ... "Blues is that music that all sounds the same " Well much to my surprise by the time I left the club that night I was a Blues fan for life ... The act that night was Luther "Guitar Jr " Johnson and The Magic Rockers recording live at the Rynborn. I went home and picked up my acoustic and attempted playing the Blues. I could only figure out the bass notes and played them daily, driving everyone in my house nuts ... Soon after I got Mississippi Skippy Skip Philbrook to teach me blues guitar I took lessons for a year and a half until he told me I had enough to work with. I couldn't stop playing and started a music night at my then home above my Peterborough auto repair shop every Wednesday night. The weekly get together was overrun with guitar players and few bass players so I started playing Bass to fill the void. Shortly after this I was asked to go to a back yard barbecue and play some bass ... I hesitated but agreed to go ..When I got there there was already one band set up .. I asked Danni Lowell what is this ..he replied that is the first band we are up next ... With about 100 people there I was freaking out ... about this time Howard Randall walked up and said Hi I'm Howard you must be Mickey  I have no bass player with me so I need you to play with me also ... With my severe stage fright  I wanted to leave I was tricked into my first gig ...I made them play the first few songs without me…I then played the rest of the day. I Was now on a mission to go to every Blues Jam I possibly could and Attended weekly Strange Brew Tavern ..Sunday night “Howard Randall’s” Blues Jam and A regular Monday night Music Night at Thom Gagne’s barn …My first payed gig was with The Boogie Men filling in for J.C Grahm . In 2010 I was asked to be in my first band Kan-Tu Blues Band , Jerry “The Reverand” Paquette has become a major mentor in Blues and In Life to me and I now call him my God Father and I still play with Jerry and Kan-Tu as often as possible , My Next band was The Willie J Laws band who I played all over the place with , Learned a lot and made some great friends , By 2013  . . . . . to be continued

Kendal Bush aka Mama Love - I’ve always loved music and always secretly wished that I was one of those kids who was pushed into weekly music lessons and daily practice by overly ambitious parents, nonetheless, I found that I was able to use my voice as my musical outlet.  I did take voice lessons one summer as a kid, and participated in choir and school musicals as a student in all-girls Catholic School, but didn’t get fully involved in music until I was 19 and joined my first band Gushing Red.  The alt-rock, grunge band wrote all original songs and played various venues in Philadelphia, New Jersey and NYC.  At the point where weekly practices, parties and gigs filled the band calendar, I developed polyps on my vocal chords.  After a short, doctor prescribed rest, I added Opera to my college curriculum and used opera training as a way to learn proper breathing techniques and use of the diaphragm.  Gushing Red was followed by various bands with names like:  Purge, Pikhal and Mutant Mary Jane.  Focus on my career as a videographer and editor working for CBS, Fox, NBC and the National Geographic Channel, was followed up by my focus on motherhood until the urge to sing again manifested itself a few years ago following a life change and relocation to the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.  Intrigued with the local popularity and availability of local live blues music, I realized a new found appreciation for blues music and set out on a journey to learn the genre and perform locally.  Since my birth name was already representative of my current career and business (Kendal J. Bush Photography) I wanted a name that would represent my musical persona, my alter ego . . and that is how ‘Mama Love’ came about.  The first band I played with was comprised of musicians I met and played with at a spot called Wicked Twisted in Nashua . . we adopted the name Mama Love & the Wicked Sons .  . later as the sound of the band evolved and the line up of players changed, a new band named by Mickey Maguire as “ the Motivators” joined with Mama Love to provide a fun, danceable, upbeat sound based in blues music.   The current line up of Mama Love & the Motivators is detailed in the following introductions:

Keith Perry - (UNH Plymouth)  I was born in Boston Mass but have lived in Londonderry New Hampshire for all my life. When I was about eight years old I remember sitting on the couch playing video games while my mom was listening to an old record she had. I remember how much she loved Rod Stewarts voice. The only time I gave that noise any attention was when I heard the opening guitar riff that Jeff Beck plays in “Stay with me”. This song held my attention for days. By Christmas my parents got me my first twenty dollar guitar. Since then I’ve been studying with and inspired by many different people. I can appreciate all different genres of music, but what most influences me is Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Soul music. I’m currently at UNH earning a degree in Jazz Studies under David Newsam. I hope to one day be head of my own guitar studio at university somewhere. I’m currently a new ‘Motivator’ in this group called Mama Love and The Motivators and enjoy the enthusiasm and high spirited group that still supports live music.

Megan Reid - 

Mama Love & the Motivators​ are:

Kendal Bush - Mama Love

Bass - Mickey Maguire

Drums - Matthew Marzola

Keys - Paul Nadeau

Guitar - Howard Randall

Guitar - Keith Perry

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